The condition of the mouth mirrors the condition of the body as a whole. There is a certain Recent relationship between periodontal (gum) disease , stroke and heart disease.  Many conditions such as diabetes , leukemia and kidney disease can be diagnosed in their early stages through an oral examination.

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Your body is a complex machine. you can prevent decay and general inflammation of tissues by taking steps to limit bacteria. Eat healthy foods , especially whole grains , vegetables , fruits and food that are low in saturated fat and sodium.

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Decay of tooth enamel is caused by certain types of acid-producing bacteria that attack the tooth enamel located on the tooth's surface. once the enamel surface is broken, the tooth can no longer repair itself. continuing decay undermines the inner tooth and attacks the nerve, causing toothache.  Dental fillings replace tooth structure lost to decay.

Dental restorations may last many years , however , bacteria or stress from clenching or grinding may eventually cause the seal between  the tooth and the filling to break down.

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Our Dental HYgiene Services Include;

Periodontal assessment

Dental Hygienists are the best, and most under-appreciated, secret in dentistry: Their job is to ensure you never need to see your dentist for anything more than a friendly check-up. If a dentist focuses on diagnosis and treatment of a dental disease, the hygienist focuses on prevention.

Anti Staining Treatment

there are a number of reasons that teeth stain. Foods , beverage, and medications may discolour and stain teeth. Smoking or forgetting to brush and floss on a regular basis may also lead to staining. in some cases discolouration may be the result of certain diseases or genetics

Smoking Cessation

Smoking compromises healthy blood supply to the gums and can affect the fight against infection and healing

Oral Health Advice and Instruction

Consistent dental hygiene routine ensures you can maintain a regular acceptable daily hygiene routine in between your six monthly dental hygiene appointments .

Treatment of Halitosis

bad breath or halitosis is normally common result of poor dental hygiene. Regular check-ups and professional dental hygienist cleaning together with your own home dental care can help prevent these problems as well as keeping your breath fresh and improve your appearance.

Stress Management

Stress is linked many diseases and conditions , especially a risk factor for periodontal disease. as it causes and increases the general inflammation in the whole body

Link Between Oral And General Health

At every stage of our life, our Dental Health necessitates a consistent general health and good well-being. Oral and General health have traditionally been worlds apart. But the link between oral and overall health is now becoming more common in conventional dentistry, and for the first time in years this key tenet of what’s known as holistic dentistry taking an integrated approach in dental care.

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