Cosmetic Dentistry Golden Proportion

The Golden Proportion is a partial answer to the vexed question, ‘what is beauty?’ The ancient Greeks believed they had an answer when they discovered that there was a constant proportion between a large and a small in the beauty of nature. This proportion is called the Golden Proportion. Golden, because it seems so noble and perfect with many amazing properties.

The physical components which make up the sense of beauty and attractiveness come down to balance and proportion. This natural law of beauty is known as the Golden Proportion.

The Golden Proportion is a vital component in need of understanding, so as to creating the flawless smile. Cosmetic dentists at Lane Ends Dental Practice can design your smile using this natural law of beauty.

The Golden Proportion assembles your new smile with the natural shape, size and contour to best fit your face and jaw function. Stunning and ageless smiles must be proportionate and remain in harmony with your unique facial structures in order to successfully underline your true beauty.

The application of the Golden Proportion principles can be applied to the human face. The Golden Proportion has been equally applied to the practice of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, and where consideration is made to essential components of the ‘perfect smile’. These principles of symmetry and balance are the critical ingredients in the development of a ‘beautiful’ face and smile.

The consideration of Golden Proportions on teeth and the face sharpens the perception of current and desired dental conditions.

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