Optimal care, Optimal comfort, Optimal smiles…

Lane Ends Dental Practice provides patients with the ultimate dentistry experience. Presenting complete personalized dental care to all patients, we will help you maintain your natural teeth for life.

Our practice has your comfort and well-being in mind. Our warm and welcoming environment helps ease patient nerves and makes you feel right at home. Patients are always considered our first priority. Our dedicated dental team will ensure every step is taken to make you feel relaxed and at ease. We look forward to making your dental visit a fun and enjoyable experience.

Our care is prevention focused, and is the same optimal and comprehensive quality we choose for ourselves. We believe prevention is better than cure and that the more we educate our patients, the more they can make informed decisions regarding their oral health

Ranging from digital radiography and photography to computerized metal free and mercury free smile makeover dentistry. Using this state-of-the-art equipment enables Dr. Tehranian to provide the finest quality oral care. Within our dental practice we take a Holistic approach to dental treatments, utilizing high quality and most bio-compatible materials appropriate for you.

Dr P. Tehranian is aware of the impact dentistry can have on the rest of the body and has sought contemporary alternatives to traditional toxic methods. Lane Ends Dental Practice is a Mercury free dental clinic. We aspire to get the best ‘whole body’ results and are committed to delivering the highest standard of service and care.


Our patients are the reason we are here. We appreciate patients who visit us aspiring to achieve a healthy mouth and we enjoy helping them achieve the optimum result. We take care to make our treatment look good, feel good and last as long as possible.

Some of the quality is obvious when our patients look at our work but much of it lies in what is not easily seen. It is this attention to detail, which helps keep a mouth healthy and comfortable for years to come. Our patients may not see this but we make sure it is right.  Call us today on 01772 – 726932 to arrange your consultation.