Dental Implant Centre , Implant Referral Practice

Dental Implants as a primary treatment option have grown enormously over the last few years both within the profession and the general public. It offers a very predictable method of replacing single or multiple teeth up to full arch reconstruction and to stabilize problem dentures. We have placed and restored Implants over the last 10 years, using Noble Biocare systems with a success rate of 95%, Cosmetic dentistry and reconstructions with dental implants occupies over 70% of our clinical time.

Dental Implant Centre facilities

Lane Ends Dental Practice is purpose designed to provide optimum levels of clinical care for involved reconstructive procedures in cosmetic and implant dentistry. Separate consultation areas with audio-visual aids are used to present treatment to patients.

We believe in spending as much time as required to enable patients to make informed and comfortable decisions regarding their possible treatments available to them. Trained and experienced staffs are present to deal with all aspects of clinical and patient care. The clinical environment is specifically designed and equipped to provide re-constructive implant dentistry with a strong emphasis on cross infection control.

Our referral practice is an opportunity to introduce more implant dentistry to your practice. You can now easily offer the best treatment options to your patients. We work in close relationships with referring dentists so you can continue your professional development in your own practice.


Levels of Dental Implant Referral,

We routinely provide single tooth replacements up to full arch and full mouth Implant borne reconstructions. This includes additional grafting techniques such as sinus augmentation, bone grafts and soft tissue corrections and augmentation where required. A cornerstone of our philosophy is using evidence based techniques to build a sound hard and soft tissue environment into which Implants can be placed. This provides the best chance of predictable, bio-mechanically and aesthetically sound reconstructions.

We appreciate that many practitioners are now involved or becoming involved in Implant dentistry, and as such, we are keen to promote Implant dentistry both to the profession and public alike. We are able to offer referrals on various levels and are keen to involve referring dentists in the planning and execution of the treatment.

We are extremely enthusiastic about Implant dentistry and are happy to offer advice and technical back-up to dentists who wish to become involved in restoring straight forward cases and to establish Implant dentistry as a treatment option for their Practice.