• Age-proof Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

    You’ve always been ready with a quip and a grin, and people respond to your warmth. But lately, even when you feel like smiling, you catch yourself covering your mouth with your hand. You’re just not happy about what the years have done to your teeth. If your teeth aren’t what they once were, don’t despair.

    Advanced modern cosmetic dentistry procedures can take years off your smile utilizing the latest Cosmetic dentistry solutions which could be considered a dental face-lift. We can’t stop ageing – It is a factor of life but that doesn’t mean we are obliged to stand by and passively accept the physical signs of aging that normally accompany growing older?

    We can always make the best of what we already have. Looking after your skin and general appearance is one step. But ,what about your teeth? Can your teeth reveal the sign of ageing?

    Age-proof Your Smile – cosmetic dentistry
  • Age-proof Your Smile – cosmetic dentistry

    Signs of Dental Ageing

    So how do your teeth betray your age? Their colour changes over time, losing brightness and luminosity, becoming darker.  Stress and Wear will shorten your teeth making them look “stubby.” Years of food, nicotine, and fluid stains can also stain teeth permanently. Here are some common issues include cause by dental ageing:

    Discoloration: The shade of your teeth is the most obvious factor that contributes to an aged smile

    Chipped teeth: Tiny chips on the edges of teeth give of a jagged, worn look to the smile that equates to a mouth that’s experienced years of wear, tear and trauma.

    Excessive wear: missing teeth cause wear resulting in loss of height in the face, giving an aged look.

    Extreme asymmetry: Anything that isn’t symmetrical isn’t perceived as being normal,

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Restores Your Lost Youth

    Is it our fate to merely be young in our teens till perhaps our 30′s, and then without any alternative, just join middle and old age? Can we really restore our lost youth, naturally by improving our smile and thereby our confidence and self-esteem? Your smile is the key to your facial appearance so you need to do something about any old, worn, chipped and discoloured teeth you have and remove these obvious clues to ageing.

    The essence in good cosmetic dentistry solutions is to combine modern techniques with artistic flair -so that no one can guess what has been done! There are many ways of improving the appearance of your teeth. Here are some of the cosmetic dentistry solutions offered by our cosmetic dentist:

    Re-contouring: teeth whitening brighten the teeth and slight reshaping restores the edges of the teeth to what they were.

    Replacing your old silver fillings with modern composite and ceramic materials.

    Bonding: A synthetic material that looks like natural tooth enamel is bonded to the tooth enamel

    Veneers: A thin, hard porcelain or ceramic veneer is individually made for each tooth to the correct colour, size and shape

    Age-proof Your Smile – cosmetic dentistry