BPA free Fillings

BPA - Free Fillings

Should You Be Concerned About BPA in some Composite (White) Fillings

BPA free fillings are exactly the same to normal composite white fillings, with the exact same functions (and come in different shades to match your natural teeth) but are made up of a different composite which does not include the controversial BPA.

Bisphenol, shortened to BPA is an organic compound found in materials that are used to make plastics. In recent research and studies BPA has had a lot of controversy as it exerts a weak but detectable amount of hormone like properties. As such, over the past decade many governments around the world have started to ban BPA in the manufacturing of food containers and especially baby bottles.

Composite fills are completed with a restorative material that contains 30-50% less resin than many other composite brands. Less resin means a reduction in the presence of trace amounts of bisphenols. The composite filling used in our holistic dental practice does not contain any Bisphenol A or B. The composite material used by our cosmetic dental team tests high for biocompatibility among patients.

BPA-safe Composite Fillings

While the natural appearance of a composite dental filling is very useful, we primarily use this material for its safety and efficacy. In addition to being a healthier option than mercury amalgam fillings, the composite restoration is also kinder to tooth structure. Because amalgam fillings contain metal, they expand and contract more than natural enamel. This movement of the filling material gradually causes fractures in the weakened tooth wall, allowing microbes to get beneath the filling where they can cause infection.

Our BPA free fillings and safe composite restorations are similar to enamel in the way they respond to temperature change. The repair process is also different, with bonding achieving tighter margins through which bacteria cannot gain access to hidden areas.

Bisphenol A - Free dental fillings
BPA White Fillings

The Benefits of BPA Free Fillings

  • More conservative process due to the minimal reduction of natural tooth structure
  • Restoration of strength through a precise bonding process
  • Stable material does not release toxic substances into the mouth
  • Resistant to corrosion and fractures
  • More attractive and natural looking
  • Composite cures (hardens) more quickly than amalgam
  • Less chance of tooth sensitivity

Toxic Dental Materials

Although there are some materials that are considered broadly biocompatible and can be safely used on the vast majority of the population, each person is unique biochemically.

At Lane Ends Dental Practice, we only use safe white fillings. We want to provide you with the best filling materials available to ensure not only you get a great looking cosmetic result but also a filling that is going to be hard wearing, long lasting and works in harmony with your body.

We ensure the tooth coloured filling materials we use are as non-toxic, non-allergenic and free of BPA as is possible as after all as a holistic dental practice we are focused on providing dentistry that does not adversely impact on your health.

Safe Dental Fillings