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Our Fresh Breath Clinic at Lane Ends Dental Practice with its unique facility, totally dedicated to the treatment of bad breath, has earned a track record of the highest calibre. The philosophy of our experienced Dentists is to be dynamic in our approach to the assessment and treatment of the bad breath conditions and to incorporate new methods as soon as we can develop them.

Perhaps one of the utmost rewards of the clinical operation is the satisfaction that we have from our successes. We see a change in the image and ego state of our clients that is at times quite dramatic. This helps greatly to offset some of the difficulties and frustrations that we experience when, with all our skills and knowledge, we cannot fully address the problems presented to us.


Fresh Breath clinic in Preston
Fresh breath Dental Practice in Preston , Lancashire

Halitosis – Bad Breath

Bad breath is a problem that is shared by millions of people across the country. Until recently, there really has not been an effective scientific approach to diagnosing and treating bad breath or chronic halitosis conditions.

According to Dr. Kaviani ,our cosmetic dentist at fresh breath clinic in preston ; when we eat, sulfur compounds from foods are absorbed by our digestive systems. Contrary to popular belief, sulfur compounds do not cause bad breath as a result of working their way back up into the mouth from the stomach. Rather, the sulfur compounds move from the digestive system into the bloodstream where they are carried to the lungs and cause the bad breath . Here the lungs expel the sulfur compounds from the body by way of the air that we exhale!

Bacteria – The Cause of Chronic Bad Breath

There are numerous causes for halitosis , but by far the most common cause is the presence of bacteria on the teeth and tongue that can produce unpleasant and very toxic chemicals.  Bacteria break down organic matter and extract nutrients for nourishment. This process causes the organic matter to decay. The organic matter in the mouth happens to be living mouth tissues , dead cells, and proteins found in saliva.

This chemical also decreases wound healing and is often responsible for the bad breath and foul taste you may experience. Hydrogen sulphide is another highly toxic gas that affects both the respiratory and nervous systems, as well as deadening the sense of smell.

Bad Breath in Preston , Lancashire
Fresh Breath Preston

Periodontitis Causing Bad Breath

Gum disease is now the most common cause of tooth loss in adults and affects about 75% of the population in Europe. As oral biofilm builds up around the teeth in sticky, durable, coral reef-like colonies, the bacteria within this bio-film begin to destroy the supporting tissues around the teeth. The symptoms of gingivitis are red or swollen gums that bleed easily.

Bleeding gums are a major health concern and can occur even in patients. Minor ulceration in the gingivae (gums) allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream and travel throughout our body. Many of the patients who need treatment for gingivitis return year after year for their dental appointments without any improvement.

Although the teeth are cleaned and the stony deposits removed, tissues continue to have bleeding points. Mechanical care such as cleaning teeth removes the result of the infection but does not remove the infection itself. Treatment of infections requires a diagnosis as to what the infection consists of, followed by appropriate treatment to remove the cause of the infection.

Bad Breath Diagnosis

Proper diagnosis of the Halitosis or bad breath condition is extremely important to make sure that the condition does not worsen. Whether the condition is self-diagnosed or confirmed by a dental examination, it should be addressed as early as possible.

As embarrassing as it might feel, please talk to us about your halitosis: we are your best ally in keeping your mouth healthy. You’ll be wearing a confident smile in no time! If you have any issues or concerns, please contact our patient care coordinator on  01772-726932

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