Dentists taking new patients

Whether you’ve just moved to the area or you’re unhappy with your current dentist, you now find yourself on the hunt for a new recommended dentist in Lancashire. Finding the right one for you can be a distressing experience considering the endless search results you’ll find on the internet, but at Lane Ends Dental Practice, we’re going to make things nice and easy for you. When it comes to your Smile, you can trust us to always have everything you need and more, all at a cost that fits within your budget.

At Lane Ends Dental Practice, we are committed to making your next dental health experience stress free, relaxing, and enjoyable. Our goal is to put even the most anxious patients at ease.

We truly care about our patients because as Preston residents ourselves, you are our friends and neighbours. Whenever you come to see us, it will feel like you’re visiting old friends who just so happen to be your dentist. We go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and welcomed at every visit.

Improve Your Health, Brighten Your Smile… And Become Our Patient

At Lane Ends Dental Practice , we believe exceptional standards of dental care should be available to everyone. Our genuinely friendly team is always eager to welcome new patients and our existing patients often recommend people to us, which is the best compliment a dental clinic can receive.

New Patient's Appointment

Complete Dental Care

When you visit us for a routine dental visit you will get a complete diagnostic examination that ensures your overall well-being is addressed. Our examinations include oral cancer screening treatment planning, risk assessment, periodontal disease screening, TMJ, evaluations, and a thorough review of your teeth for weakness, decay, or problems. We use our expertise and advanced technologies to offer you the most effective cavity detection

Oral cancer screening

Dentists are in a unique front-line position to diagnose oral cancer. We are trained to detect the signs and symptoms of oral cancer before they have a chance to develop into serious problems. In its earliest, most treatable stages, oral cancer usually causes no pain or discomfort. If left undiagnosed, oral cancer can progress to more advanced stages. While it only takes a minute for us to do the free, painless, oral cancer screening, the results can save patients from difficult repercussions in the future.

Digital Radiography

We use digital radiography, the most modern form of x-ray. Not only is digital radiography a more eco-friendly practice than traditional x-rays, the practice is healthier for our patients, exposing them to 70-90% less radiation than with traditional x-rays. These x-rays give us a clear, high-resolution view of teeth, bone, root, and tissue which we use to provide you with the best and most efficient dental care possible.

Periodontal Disease screening

Our regular check-ups and cleanings routinely include periodontal disease screening to ensure optimum dental health. Data is collected to measure and record your periodontal (gum and bone) condition including periodontal pocket depths, recession, bleeding points, and inflammation indicators.

Personalised Preventative Plan

Your dental care is an individualized patient-centric experience. At the core of our philosophy is the importance of preventative care and education involving you as our dental health partners. Our approach incorporates much more than just the traditional elements you would expect from a dental practice.

Mouth and Body Connection

At Lane Ends Dental Practice, we are committed to helping you achieve better health through a comprehensive whole body approach to dentistry. With the utmost care and expertise, we address specific issues such as dental phobia, cardiac conditions, diabetes, bulimia, acid reflux, sleep apnoea, migraines.

Why New Patients Choose us?


Our experienced cosmetic and implant dentist are skilled in a comprehensive range of treatments. They have been extensively trained in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures at some of the most respected dental institutions in the world.


Our cosmetic dentists are highly experienced in placing dental implants to replace missing teeth and treating conditions affecting the gums, such as gingivitis and more severe stages of gum disease.


By staying current with the latest technology, our cosmetic dental team are able to provide advanced treatment methods for enhanced results and comfort, creating a more pain free dental experience.