Dr. Haide Kaviani was born to be a dentist. She has a unique affinity for the science of dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. She has unique qualities that sets her apart from other cosmetic Dentists, Haide is a different class to the rest from the level of training, to the 5-Star philosophy of care, to the commitment to innovation and excellence in her work.


As a female dentist, Dr. Kaviani wants to hear how our team can make your dental experience rewarding, positive, and pleasant. She’ll invest time listening to your concerns and expectations, and she may ask questions to better understand your needs. We respect and appreciate that you place your trust in us at every visit. By explaining procedures and using non-invasive gentle dental treatment options, she will make you feel confident during visits.

Expert Cosmetic Dentist

With a long-standing reputation for excellence, Dr. Kaviani has practised cosmetic dentistry since 1994. She holds membership in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, an organization committed to quality in aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Kavianis' advanced training in dental implants, smile transformation and cosmetic procedures allows her to create the most natural-looking smile makeovers. She works with Matrix Dental lab, home of the Lancashire Centre for Advanced Dental Study, for precision, lifelike dental restorations. This respected and accomplished laboratory is known nationally for outstanding quality.

Our patients deserve the very best. She has studied at the Warwick Medical School and the Malo Clinical Education, two renowned postgraduate institutions for advanced dental education. She believes that dentistry requires a lifelong commitment to learning, so she continually pursues training in contemporary procedures and technology.

Dr. Kaviani continues to seek training in the latest procedures and technology the dental field has to offer – because our patients deserve the best!


We make dental appointments easy! Our extended evening hours on select evenings and Saturday mornings will accommodate your busy schedule. And we make paying for your care easy, too, with membership plan and various financing options.

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