Smile Makeover Before After

There are many people who want a better smile. Uneven teeth, gaps between the teeth, chipped or broken teeth, missing teeth, and tooth discoloration are some of the most common cosmetic issues. Fortunately, we can use an array of different cosmetic dentistry treatments to do a smile makeover and correct these problems to achieve a patient’s ideal smile.

Smile Makeover is about creating a natural and beautiful smile which is truly a fine art, one that bridges aesthetics and functionality. Dr. Kaviani believes that having an artistic eye and the creative ability to sculpt and implement a beautiful smile should never be underestimated. Artistry is a fundamental element in advanced cosmetic dentistry, and Dr. Kaviani has an artistic and cosmetic design sensibility that is rare in the dental profession.

want to achieve truly dramatic results, you may be an excellent candidate for a smile makeover.

full reconstruction before and after photos
Smile make over after treatment photo
smile makeover before after

Smile Makeover Before After   Problem: Failing old crowns with dark lines , broken down and chipped teeth , canted and uneven smile line. and missing teeth.
Solution: Teeth whitening  , 2 new ceramic crowns , 9 porcelain veneers on upper teeth  , and composite bonding on lower teeth  , in addition to a cosmetic partial denture to replace the missing lower teeth.

mini smile makeover eroded teeth before and after photod
Worn teeth smile makeover before and after pictures
Mini Smile Makeover before after pictures

Smile Makeover Before After   Problem:  Severely eroded and worn down teeth with exposed root surfaces and excessive gum on display.
Solution:  Non-invasive , Drill free composite veneers and Teeth whitening.

Crown lengthening and Smile MakeOver Before Pictures
smile Makeover After Photos - Preston , Lancashire

Smile Makeover Before After   Problem:  Short Upper Laterals and canines , Showing too much gum ( gummy Smile) with uneven Smile Line.
Solution:  Gummy Smile Correction with crown lengthening and 8 Ceramic crowns leading to an even smile line with right proportion of gums on display.

full upper and lower teeth porcelain veneers before photos
dental makeover with porcelain veneers before pictures
Porcelain veneers Smile Makeover after photos

 Problem:  Severely discoloured front upper teeth with overlapping . Chipped , worn down and broken lower teeth
Solution:  6 porcelain veneers on upper front teeth and 4 porcelain veneers on lower front teeth with whitening and dental hygiene treatments

smile makeover before after - dental crowns
Smile MakeOver Before After with Porcelain Crowns
smile makeover after pictures

Crooked Teeth Treatment Before After  Problem: Uneven ,Unattractive smile with severe gum loss, crooked and chipped teeth.
Solution: 8 ceramic crowns on upper teeth, and Teeth Whitening

upper Dental bridges before after pictures - Broken down Teeth Treatment
Dental Bridges Before and after pictures - Replacing extracted Teeth After

Broken Teeth Treatment Before After  Problem: Broken down and decayed upper laterals , Severely stained and abraded Upper central Incisors , and canines.
Solution: Extraction of severely broken teeth and Upper anterior ceramic Dental Bridges , Teeth Whitening

Smile Makeover before and after with dental bridges
Smile Makeover before after - Upper dental Bridge gallery

Failing Teeth Treatment Before After  

Problem: gum disease affected upper left central and lateral incisors , with severe bone loss and gum recession in the aesthetic zone.
Solution: Extraction of damaged teeth , soft tissue graft for gum recession , and a ceramic bridge replacing the missing teeth, but patient preferred to have pink ceramic added to his bridge , instead of soft tissue grafting ( replicating the missing soft tissues).