• Teeth in An Hour Dental Implants

    Teeth in an Hour™ is a new concept that streamlines the treatment process and provides the patient with permanent teeth in record time. The system incorporates the advantages of CT Scans and 3D imaging software to accurately evaluate the bone structure, diagram out the areas of best quality/quantity, and create a permanent restoration preceding the surgery.

    By utilizing this revolutionary system ,we can offer you a more accurate and safer positioning of dental implants and provides patients with permanent teeth in less than an hour.

    Traditionally, dental implants have been associated with extended healing times, high costs and patient discomfort. Teeth-in-an-Hour allows Dr. Tehranian to provide his patients with fixed, well-functioning and attractive teeth on dental implants in a single one-hour procedure.

    Teeth in an Hour
  • Teeth in an Hour

    New digital Dental Implants Concept

    This revolutionary new concept represents a giant step forward in the development of dental implants treatment-protocols that are easier and more patient friendly. By combining a unique planning program, a surgical template and the immediate loading concept.

    Teeth in an Hour™ protocol is a unique solution made possible by the Procera ®System. A custom fabricated precision guiding system and a pre-manufactured prosthesis, based on CT images and virtual planning, can be made prior to the surgery. The major decisions of the treatment are made during the planning. The execution of the implant placement that follows is performed with minimal surgical intervention.

  • Computer Guided Teeth in an Hour Dental Implant

    Digitalised Surgery Guides replaces freehand style surgery ; freehand placement of dental implants, especially with patients who may not have optimal bone structures can result in low rates of predictability for implant success and overall dental function .

    Utilizing virtual implant placement, accompanied with cutting edge cone beam CT-scans , we can eliminate the guesswork and considerably diminish the probabilities for error. Teeth in an Hour -3D computerized imaging technology has made it possible to fully visualize the placement of dental implants in a real 3D environment.

    Teeth in an Hour
  • Teeth in an Hour

    All-on-4® Dental Implants Procedure

    One method of anchored dentures Dr. Tehranian offers patients is the Nobel Biocare® All-on-4® technique. As a same-day procedure, All-on-4® uses four special implants to provide patients with the immediate placement of implant supported dentures. One implant is placed on each side of the upper and lower parts of the mouth, and full sets of dentures are placed on the implants. Because the All-on-4® technique uses angled posterior implants, it also reduces the need for bone grafting, and it can often be used for patients who have minimal bone density.

    During the procedure, patients are given gentle oral sedation. An advanced 3D dental implants planning system will be used to map your implants prior to the surgery. Once surgery is complete, you will have a set of new, fixed teeth that should feel and function like natural teeth. These teeth, however, are provisional, and later you will have numerous options in selecting a final durable, prosthetic. The results of All-on-4® can offer patients long-lasting, beautiful results that provide both increased comfort and functionality.