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Reconstructive, contemporary, and cosmetic dentistry are closely intertwined. It used to be that dentists filled and sealed cavities using only mercury amalgam. Most of the dental treatments were was also done in bits and pieces , and as a result, was left looking all too obvious. But today’s technology allows DR. Tehranian and DR. Kaviani to design unique individualised smiles , using advanced teeth whitening techniques , porcelain veneers , dental implants and more solutions to help you restore appearance, function, and confidence in only a few visits.

Predictable  Dentistry

Decay and old defective silver fillings often cause the teeth to become discoloured and unsightly. If you have this problem, several alternatives are available , however , before the best option can be chosen, all decayed tooth /or old filling material must be removed through a non-invasive approach , as it is gentle , patient friendly and preserves the tooth structure. This minimal approach is: 

Predictable—Areas of early caries are detected and successfully treated in advance. Our patient-friendly and tooth-friendly direct restoration repair is a predictable minimally invasive option instead of a harsh invasive treatment options.

Proactive—Our bio-active restorative materials enhances the healing of teeth and reduce restorative failure


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A Healthy Frame for Your Smile

If you imagine your teeth as the canvas of a painting, then the gum tissue is the frame around the canvas. That means your gums can make or break your smile. You can have very attractive natural teeth , with dental bonding , porcelain veneers or ceramic crowns, but if you gums are red, puffy inflamed and bleeding, then the result is an unattractive smile.

The best way to avoid gum disease is to practice good oral hygiene at home and have regular diagnostic X-rays and professional tooth cleanings few times a year 


Never Stop Caring !

As we get older , we tend to stop taking proper care of ourselves, including our teeth. If this sounds like you, remember that it's never too late to start taking care of yourself again , Many older adults today are seeking treatment to correct dental problems and improve their appearance .

Dentistry's role in improving appearance  is often misunderstood and underrated . For example , many people believe that only dental implants can replace missing teeth and help to alter the appearance of their smile , whereas more cost-effective option such as individualised cosmetic denture often work wonders.

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Chewing : An Important Part of Digestion 

Dont underestimate the value of every tooth in terms of beauty and function  , even those in the back of your mouth. Although the spaces created by missing teeth may not be visible , they can cause a variety of different chewing and functional digestive problems.For example, chewing forces may shift, causing the front teeth to flare out and create unwanted spaces.

An altered bite can also cause the collapse of the facial features. The more teeth that are lost and not replaced, the greater the risk of developing wrinkles and lines that form and cause premature ageing. With the latest innovations in restorative dentistry, more people have been able to fully restore functionality to their teeth than ever before.

Managing Dental Phobia

Our experienced cosmetic dentists Dr. Kaviani and  DR. Tehranian and their team of dental experts appreciate that many of patients suffer from dental phobia.  A commitment to our patients is a cornerstone of what we do. We aim to build on our commitment to improve the care and experience of our patients.

Gentle dentistry is a way of life at Lane Ends Dental Practice , and we will be happy to assist you throughout the treatment process.

We understand that Gentle Dentistry is all about giving you the confidence to be able to come here regularly without fear, knowing that you are in control and that we have your best interests at heart.