Natural cosmetic dentures

Cosmetic Dentures: The Lost Art ( 3D Dentures ) 

If you are looking for a stress-free solution to replace your missing teeth, regain your confidence and give you a smile that makes you look and feel good again then take a look at how Cosmetic dentures have moved on in recent years. 

Many people think that dentures have been left behind in the cosmetic dental revolution, it’s not so! In fact, using the latest technology and techniques, false teeth can create the ultimate smile makeover. The latest in smile design technology can not only restore your smile but take 10 years off your whole face! Dr Tehranian works closely with his in-house dental laboratory to completely customise your dentures to your individual desires.

Complete dentures are an aesthetic solution to patients who have lost all of their teeth. They may be the best teeth replacement option if you;

  • want to achieve a more youthful appearance
  • aren't a good candidate for dental implants
  • Don't mind having to get the dentures relined and eventually replaced

Not All Denture Are Created Equal !

Believe it or not, most dentists do not get excited about making dentures. However, after successfully completing several hundreds of cosmetic denture cases, we have found the results are always overwhelming!

Finding a Cosmetic dentist, who provides the makeover experience via the design, fabrication and fitting of premium dentures, can be difficult. As with any focus area or speciality within Cosmetic dentistry, artistic talent and flair is usually a function of experience rather than formal training alone.

Determining what a basic standard would be for this area of Cosmetic dentistry is probably impossible to define. Some of the time consuming aspect of a cosmetic dentures include assessment of speech, overall aesthetics, lip support, lip fullness and bite analysis.

At Lane Ends Dental Practice we are proud to present the ultimate in Cosmetic Dentures to our patients. Our experienced cosmetic dentist; Dr. Tehranian and accomplished in-house dental technician are skilled in constructing natural looking, stable and comfortable cosmetic dentures.

Natural looking Cosmetic Denture

Natural Looking Cosmetic Dentures

The concept of Natural- Looking Dentures combines artistic ability with anatomical rules as a method of tooth arrangement in advanced denture fabrication technology. This practice and skill of creating the illusion of natural teeth considers gender, age and personality to restore the unique individuality of each smile and face. It is a concept that is missing in far too many denture wearers, leaving people with visually poor dentures that look false

Our cosmetic dentures are based on concepts that provide a more natural appearance and harmonious look to our patients. Outstanding natural looking dentures can be achieved by aesthetic guidelines; using denture teeth specifically designed for males and females.

What makes natural teeth look so natural?

When we Look at individuals in their late twenties with beautiful teeth of their own and observe them when they turn their head. We’ll see that the upper front teeth are not all the same colour and translucency.

The laterals are lighter and more translucent than the centrals and the canines are darker than either.  These subtle effects formed during development break up the light and add character to the natural teeth. Frequently the necks of the teeth are darker and their effect changes as the person turns their head.

The untrained eye does not consciously register this amount of detail. However when it sees someone with dentures the brain registers that something is missing. The incorporation of this detail is what makes our customised dentures the true cosmetic option.

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Normal Life With Dentures

False teeth can be designed to look natural, but there may be a few difficulties at first when getting used to them. The muscles in your cheek and tongue may take some time to adjust to the dentures before learning to keep them in place. Irritation or soreness may also occur, but should lessen over time.

Eating and speaking may also be challenging at first. Over the first few weeks, you should start off eating soft foods until the dentures feel more natural. You can then work your way back to your original diet. Eating hot, hard, or sharp-edged foods. 

If you’re considering a new smile , the first step is to complete a consultation with us. Dr. Tehranian will assess the condition of your teeth, and discuss the best type of dentures for you. This may include teeth restoration, a combination of partial denture. Full removal of all teeth, complemented with a complete denture set is another option.