immediate dentures

Immediate Dentures

Same Day Dentures

Immediate dentures are complete dentures or partial dentures inserted on the same day, immediately following the removal of natural teeth. You shouldn't have to wait several weeks for your mouth to heal after your tooth extractions – or feel self-conscious for an additional month while your dentures are being made.

Immediate dentures may be the best solution when complete extractions of your remaining teeth is unavoidable. An immediate denture will allow you to avoid the embarrassment of living without teeth. We will begin the preparation for this procedure before your teeth are extracted.

This means you will have your new teeth straight away instead of waiting for your gums to heal, and then having your dentures made. As your mouth heals the gums under the denture change and shrink. Within a short period of time, usually 2-3 months, the denture will become loose. A denture reline may help to correct this, but in time a replacement denture may be necessary.

Immediate dentures costs

What are the Advantages of an Immediate Denture ?

There are several advantages of an immediate denture. The most important factor is that you will never need to appear in public without teeth.

It is also easier to duplicate the shape, colour and arrangement of your natural teeth while some are still present in your mouth.

It is ultimately much easier to make a new denture look like your natural teeth if it is made while you still have some of your own teeth.

What are the Disadvantages of an Immediate denture ?

  • An immediate denture may not fit as well as one made after your gums have healed.
  • The cost of relining the denture or replacement final dentures makes it a more expensive option.
  • It is not possible to predict how much your gums will shrink, and whether your dentures will need replacing as they loosen, or whether they can be fixed by relining.
  • You cannot try the denture in before your teeth are extracted. Therefore, you cannot see how they will look.

Giving You Time to Heal and Geting Used to your New Teeth.

A new denture may take several weeks to get used to as the muscles in your cheeks and tongue learn how to hold it in place. You may have ‘sore spots’ or bite your cheeks or tongue as you learn to use your new denture.

You may also produce more saliva (spit) for a short time. Learning to eat and speak takes patience and practice. Start with soft foods cut into small pieces.

Chew slowly and use both sides of your mouth at the same time. This will help the denture to stay in place. Don’t bite with your front teeth. As you begin to get used to your denture, add other types of food until you are back to your normal diet.

Common Immediate Denture Concerns

Eating will take a little training. Start with soft foods cut into small pieces. Chew slowly using both sides of your mouth at the same time to prevent the dentures from tipping. As you become familiar to chewing, add other foods until you return to your normal diet.

Continue to chew food using both sides of the mouth at the same time. Be cautious with hot or hard foods and sharp-edged bones or shells. Some people worry about how dentures will affect their speech. Consider how your speech is affected when you have a number of your natural teeth missing.

Pronouncing certain words may require practice. Reading out loud and repeating troublesome words will help. If your dentures "click" while you're talking, speak more slowly. You may find that your dentures occasionally slip when you laugh, cough or smile. Reposition the dentures by gently biting down and swallowing.


Same Day Teeth and Denture Fixitive

Denture adhesives can provide additional retention for well-fitting dentures. Denture adhesives are not the solution for old, ill-fitting dentures. A poorly fitting denture, which causes constant irritation over a long period, may contribute to the development of sores. These dentures may need a reline or need to be replaced.

Not everyone is a candidate for an immediate denture. Some people may be advised against this treatment, due to general health conditions, or because of specific oral problems.

Immediate Dentures Cost

As for many other dental treatments, there are several factors that may affect immediate dentures cost. Designing and production of this type of denture is very complicated , as it requires you to undergo a few trials before the final extractions and the fit of the dentures.

In addition, you will require follow-up visits for adjustments and re-fitting during the healing process. This will increase the final cost of your immediate dentures.In general Immediate dentures cost is about 25% more expensive than conventional cosmetic dentures.

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