In order to provide our patients with the best care possible, we stay up-to-date with the newest developments in the dental field. Technology is constantly changing and improving, and we consider it our duty to continue our dental education, study the latest tools and techniques, and apply them to our practice.

Cone Beam 3D CT-Scanner

The Cone Beam 3D CT scan is latest innovation in dental imaging, giving our Implant dentist DR. Tehranian and our patients the most precise and accurate view of their teeth and any potential problems among the teeth and gums. Cone Beam X-Ray utilises high-resolution image capture and precise dental mapping to provide a crystal-clear 3D view of your teeth, helping to create an accurate diagnosis and a customised treatment plan for a variety of dental issues.

Computer Imaging

With our advanced computer imaging system, we can give you a realistic preview of your new smile before you make the commitment to undergo a smile makeover. Our experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Haide Kaviani uses state-of-the-art software to produce high-quality images of your teeth and gums to show you before and after images of your smile. We can use our computer imaging 3D software to preview results for a variety of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures, including porcelain veneers, crowns and teeth whitening.

Intra Oral Video Screening

Hi-spec cordless intra-oral camera provides a magnified view of the mouth, allowing our dentists to examine and diagnose patients with increased accuracy. Since the camera can display high-resolution photos on a monitor, this tool can be used to enhance your understanding of dental concerns and conditions. These images also serve as an aid to visualise your recommended treatment approach. Ultimately, the intra-oral camera can help our communication with you and to ensure you and your dentist share the same expectations for treatment.

High-tech dental technology
Advanced Digital Photography

By fully integrating digital photography into our practice, our dentists are better able to share information with their patients. These digital images allow the dentist to more clearly communicate his concerns and give you a better understanding of your specific condition. This comprehensive communication tool helps to ensure that both you and the dentist are working toward the same goal.

TrueShade Digital Shade Taking

With ever increasing emphasis on aesthetics in dentistry, and patient demands to fabricate ceramic restorations that mimic natural teeth that are indistinguishable from adjacent natural teeth, the ability to evaluate tooth shade information correctly and communicate it to the ceramist effectively is now more critical than ever. Shade matching is a matter of colour perception and subjective interpretation. Our shade matching is carried out using True Shade machine and where necessary we will create customised shade tabs with the relevant ceramic system. This information is then photographed for reference and digital manipulation, where we can extract details of shade, shape and surface texture onto to the computer and use a grey scale to match exact shades and contours.

Digital Radiography

With our advanced digital x-ray technology, we can effectively and accurately diagnose any hidden dental issues such as tooth decay or gum problems. Digital x-rays produce high-quality images of your teeth and gums, while reducing radiation exposure by 90 percent compared to traditional x-rays. These images are immediately transferred to a computer monitor so you can instantly see what’s going on with your teeth and gums, helping you to understand what needs to be done to correct any issues.

Dental Laboratory Workshop 

We are proud to own a state of the art in-house dental laboratory that specialises in the design and manufacture of implants and dentures. Our on-site Dental Laboratory Workshop  is the hub of the practice. More importantly it can be used to further enhance the patient experience as well as speed up treatment by being linked to our dental practice.

Patients can attend for a design and shade consultation ensuring a personal service for specialist treatments like Smile Makeovers and Dental Implants. The onsite laboratory can cater for “dentures in a day “with immediate dental implant restorative techniques. Our onsite service can provide solutions to a rigid and high quality service for teeth replacement.

Preston denture Clinic - high tech dental practice  centre