Facelift Dentures have been developed based on extensive research and the principles of neuromuscular dentistry. The aim is to create a truly customised denture that provides reliable levels of support and comfort. The treatment can make you look and feel younger, and you don't have to worry about uncomfortable and sore gums.

This exciting new technology provides underlying facial support while also plumping lips and reducing wrinkles. Our customised individually designed dentures can fill out your face for a better look and appearance while at the same time filling the role of a traditional denture. These dentures have the most customised fit possible and allow you to experience functional and aesthetic benefits that traditional dentures don’t. Most dentures cause a facial appearance that appears to be sunken in, which can cause a prematurely aged look.

Unlike traditional dentures that rest on the gum line, our cosmetic dentures maintain optimal fit and function through muscle harmony. The muscles of the face relax and work with these dentures, so patients experience increased comfort, while being able to chew a greater variety of foods. The dentures provide stability, fit securely, and stay in place as you eat and communicate.

Look Younger with Correctly Fitted Modern Dentures

Dentures over few years old or indeed those made incorrectly in the first place often offer inadequate facial support. Worn or incorrectly made dentures often allow the lower jaw to travel too far when closing the back teeth, which can sometimes give wearers that the classic ‘old’ look. This is because the lower jaw is an ‘L’ shaped bone which pivots from up near the ear. It has no choice but to protrude on closing too far. Combine this with the unsupported upper lip and there you have it…a 60 year old looking 70!

Beautifully Designed Smiles

Customized Cosmetic Dentures for Each Patient

Individualised Denture Design

One thing is for certain; our customised Dentures are not a passing craze. Dr. Tehranian will lead you in your choice of shade, shape, colour, texture and position of the teeth, assuring you that your smile will be as natural, comfortable and spectacular as possible.

A Healthier Alternative

Tooth loss contributes to deterioration of the jawbone, a common problem for denture wearers. This is because the absence of tooth roots in the jaw reduces the natural stimulation provided to the bone when biting and chewing. Correctly fitted Cosmetic Dentures can help to combat this problem. While traditional dentures rest on top of gum tissue and have no direct connection to the alveolar bone, Cosmetic Dentures can provide stimulation and support to the jaw. These dentures are placed to optimise the bite at a position where the muscles function best, stimulating the jawbone through neuromuscular function.

Traditional Dentures Make You Look Older

When we are young, our face develops all together in harmony: the skin, muscles, bones, and teeth. As your teeth wear down and eventually are lost, your face gets shorter. This makes it look like you have excess skin, muscles, and fat, which results in: • Folds of tissue around the mouth • Jowls hanging down below the jaw • Hanging skin under the chin

Neuromuscular Treatment

Dentists who are trained in neuromuscular treatments work to achieve and maintain optimum muscle relaxation and function while allowing the Dentures to stimulate the jaw bone. These teeth are designed to fit partially on the muscles, give patients a more stable fit and better appearance than traditional dentures and provide the greatest facial support that prevents the sagging facial appearance that is associated with traditional dentures.

cosmetic Dentures Give You a Facelift

The principle behind Cosmetic Face-Lift Dentures is simple: replacing teeth in their youthful proportion will make you look more youthful. In our custom designed individualised Dentures, your teeth are given their original height. Because your Dentures fit well, your teeth can also be placed in a natural, youthful, forward position. This means you won’t get the sunken-in look that is common in denture wearers.

Facelift Denture Alternatives

As some patients experience certain difficulties getting use to dentures and modern dentistry seeks to preserve oral health, we may recommend dental implants overdentures. These implants integrate into the jaw bone and replace the tooth's root that is lost due to tooth loss so that you can maintain your appearance as well as your oral health. Dental implants are a more expensive alternative than dentures; however they are often considered the best option for tooth replacement.