Beautiful Smile and Ageing Face

The teeth and facial bone structure form the foundation of the mouth and its surrounding tissues. When this framework isn't aligned , a malocclusion and asymmetry results. On the surface , this often appears a little more than a cosmetic problem, but the ramifications of improperly aligned teeth are more far-fetching. Bad bites can cause problems from headaches to poor aesthetics.

Countless women and increasing number of men have facelifts and other surgical procedures in an effort to enhance their appearance and remain competitive in job markets where looking youthful is an asset.

While many patients benefit from plastic surgery , others could be helped with cosmetic dentistry alone. After all your smile is one of the most important part of your face. If your smile is attractive and healthy looking , it will take years off your appearance. If on the other hand your smile reveals worn , discoloured , chipped , or missing teeth , you will look older than you should , and no amount of plastic surgery can change that.

If you would like to take years off your smile, and your overall looks , non-invasive cosmetic dentistry treatments can help you. Your chronological age should never stand between you and a more pleasing appearance.

As we age, the edges of the front teeth wear until these teeth are about the same length as the others. At the same time, the upper and lower teeth lose muscle tone. The upper lip may sag, covering more or all of the upper teeth. The lower lip may also drop, allowing more of the lower teeth to show. The teeth become darker in colour. These conditions create an older looking smile.

The best way to obtain more youthful look is by combining the advantages of cosmetic dentistry, cosmetology and plastic surgery in that order. First improve your smile , next try following the expert beauty and hair style tips to update your look.

Beautiful smile creation

Beautiful Smile Aesthetics or Cosmetics?

Today , aesthetics exclusively concerns beauty , and it is a concept that has different meanings all around the world , having been changed by different cultural or social events.  For some individuals , beautiful smile involves covering the teeth with gold crowns , and for some others , the concept of beauty is completely the opposite. In fact , the discolouration of even one tooth is considered a flaw and a defect , and may cause psychological problems.