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Tired of Loose False Teeth  - Try Denture Implants

patients with multiple missing teeth can benefit from denture implant treatment if sufficient bone is present. Even if you have worn a fixed bridge or removable dentures or a full set of false teeth, you may still be a good candidate for implants as theys act as an excellent source of anchorage for patients with loose or ill-fitting dentures.

Implant dentures are tooth Replacement with no need for bridges, as for most patients, dental implants are a better way to replace lost teeth. They provide artificial teeth that hold up to daily use while looking as natural as the real thing. Full or partial dentures can also be secured with our advanced denture implant technology.

If some or all of your teeth have been lost or can't be restored and need to be extracted , it's important that you not allow too much time to lag between tooth loss and tooth replacement as tooth loss causes the face to collapse and the mouth to sink in. At the same time , the nose appears to drop down toward the chin. Deep lines begin to form in the creases of the collapsed skin, adding years to the face. 

Dental Implants are Not Right for Everyone

Of course, dental implants are not right for every patient. Since surgery is required, you must be in good overall health with healthy gums, and you must also have adequate bone mass to anchor the implant. Moreover, you must be committed to regular dental visits and a rigorous regimen of oral hygiene. For many patients, the difference between implants and traditional bridge and denture work is night and day.

Home care is important; Just because implants aren't real teeth doesn't mean oral hygiene is less important. plaque built-up on implants can cause inflammation of the gums and eventually loss of bone surrounding the teeth, therefore thorough cleaning twice a day is critical.

With Denture Implants, you can:

Replace missing teeth easily and securely

Eliminate awkward partials

Say goodbye to inconvenient dentures

Show off a dazzling, natural-looking smile

Dental Implants Look and Feel Natural


Denture Implants Give Unparalleled Stability

By fusing directly into your jawbone, your Preston dental implants allow for the most stable tooth replacement possible. This makes your new teeth feel as natural and comfortable as possible, giving you a level of confidence you just can't get from traditional gum fitted dentures.

How Does Secured Denture Procedure Work?

Although each procedure is different, and must be weighed individually, nevertheless in general the following steps are

FIRST: Denture implants surgery is performed to anchor the implants into the jaw. This procedure can take up to several hours, and as much as six months may be required in order to allow the bone to grow around the implant and permanently anchor it into place. Depending on the specific type of implant you require, a second surgery may be required to attach the post holding the replacement teeth to the embedded anchor

SECOND: Implant Denture is made and fitted to the attachments on the implants after the first surgery; the gums are given several weeks to heal. Once that is accomplished, the final adjustments are made. Since an exact fit is essential, several fittings may be required to get the new teeth perfectly into place.

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