Time to Say Goodbye to That “Denture Look”! Rejuvenate your Smile with Dr. Tehranian’s Help

For decades, dentures have been called false teeth. Although this is the case, It doesn't mean that they cannot feel or look like the real thing.

Today you have a variety of exceptional choice for your dentures. They don’t have to fit poorly, function poorly, or make you look old. Traditional dentures often don’t last very long. Poorly fitting to begin with, they don’t stimulate your gum and jaw bone properly, promoting even more bone loss. This means these dentures will soon fit even worse and have to be replaced often.

Customised premium cosmetic Dentures are the latest innovation in dentistry. They fit better, function better, and look much more superior to the traditional dentures. They can even take decades off your apparent age by providing better support for your facial tissues.

Conventional or standard traditional dentures refer to dentures that are made with little or no characterisation of the teeth. These dentures are easily spotted and give the wearer a typical “denture look”. Cosmetic dentures are made with teeth that have multiple layers of colours and varying degrees of translucency to mimic the natural layers of the tooth.

Cosmetic teeth also have a natural variation in terms of the shapes of the individual teeth in less symmetry and hence a more natural appearance. The use of premium quality cosmetic teeth and skilfully arranging these teeth in an asymmetrical but pleasing manner results in a denture that looks more natural.

Dr. Tehranian will design your new teeth on the principles of neuromuscular dentistry, which means they are designed not to just sit on your gums—they are intended to work with the muscles, nerves, bones, and other parts of your mouth system to be better dentures.

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Affordable Dentures are not a bargain!

It may seem like a deal to get less-expensive dentures. You may even think that you can replace them regularly and still save money. However, it’s important to know that poorly fitting bargain dentures come with many hidden costs, including:

  • The expense, mess, and possible toxicity of denture cream
  • Denture pain
  • sunken-in dentures look
  • Lack of self-confidence and diminished quality of life
  • Increased risk of jawbone fracture
  • Malnutrition from not being able to eat a full range of foods

Here at Lane Ends Dental Practice, Dr. Tehranian uses the best materials, the best teeth, and the best techniques he knows to fabricate an absolutely stunning denture that will fool anyone and   People won’t know it's false teeth. He does that through some exceptional processes that he has learned over years of study, years of tweaking this technique down to an art form.

With a new denture, you’re not just replacing teeth; you’re replacing lost gum and bone. These things can make it almost look as if you've had a face lift. It can even make your face look better, and not just your smile. That’s one of the add-ons that you get with a customised premium cosmetic dentures designed and made by Dr. Tehranian. You get a lot more than just teeth, you get a new smile, you get a new face, you get a face that looks great and looks natural.

Are There Other Denture Treatment Options?

Where you have one or more missing teeth, we also provide dental implants and implant supported dentures. This is where the denture is secured to dental implants providing the greatest level of stability.