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Creating beautiful smiles!

Our priorities are always your comfort, your health and your smile. We specialize in you…

Lane Ends Dental Practice is different from the run-of-the mill private dental practice. Our experienced cosmetic dentists like to involve you in the decision making about what’s right for you. That’s why our process involves understanding your point of view, gathering clinical information and health screening, followed by a consultation with our treatment coordinator.

This means that our gentle dentists have time to fully analyze your current situation and then make recommendations based on your dental and general health status and needs – and the best thing about this process is that you can see all the solutions, ask questions, and be fully informed about all the financial options before you commit to our care.

Being Customer Focused is the Absolute Core of Our Business

We are a dental practice that strives to create lasting, healthy and beautiful smiles. Whether you’re interviewing for that new job or posing for a picture on your wedding day, your smile is likely the first feature people will see on your face. Having to hide your teeth or not being able to allow yourself to confidently smile because you are embarrassed about the appearance and/or health of your teeth and gums can be very difficult.

The friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate team of dentists at Lane Ends Dental Practice will listen to your concerns and tailor treatment specifically to your individual needs and expectations. Whether it is a simple cleaning and check-up or a full smile makeover that you are coming to see us for, we are honoured that you have chosen our dentists in Lancashire for your care and we look forward to providing you with a truly exceptional dental experience!

Private Dentists in Preston

Our practice focuses in general and cosmetic dentistry, and prosthodontic services such as minimally invasive dentistry, porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, and dental implants. Utilizing world class ceramists, the finest materials, and other highly respected medical and dental specialists, we provide high quality general dental care and artistic "smile design". Most patients come to us with the goal to maintain or upgrade their level of dental health.

If your goal is to improve the attractiveness of your smile, Dr. Kaviani will work in partnership with you to create a look that fits your goals and is truly reflective of nature and not perceived by others as artificial. Your local private dentist in Preston with the experience and expertise necessary to transform or restore your smile is just a phone call away.