Dentistry has evolved over the last few centuries, continuously benefiting from different researches and developments. Historically, it consisted of tooth extraction, with a few forward thinkers struggling to repair or restore teeth with minimal effectiveness. Throughout the ages, researchers have continued to add new techniques to the established dental knowledge of the era. As understanding of the oral cavity grew, the role of the dentist grew with it.

From simply removing the tooth, Dentistry changed into repair rather than remove as dentists began filling teeth. As knowledge grew, restoration became a successful technique and the dentist’s role expanded once again. The next step came with a better understanding of effective ways to prevent dental problems; therefore the scope of a dentist’s expertise became much larger. Recent studies have broadened the understanding of the oral-systemic connection, revealing the important role Dental health plays in whole body health.

Modern dental care has an entirely new significance, and so has the role of dentists. Today’s progressive dentist focuses on the prevention of problems with the teeth and their supporting structure. They provide education for their patients, helping them become advocates of their own oral health. Guidance and coaching in healthy lifestyles and effective oral hygiene are an important part of modern dental treatments.

Preventative Dental care is the cornerstone of the any progressive dental practices. Cosmetic Dentists at Lane Ends Dental Practice are one of Lancashire’s premier progressive dentists. The entire dental team are noted for their exceptional service and the quality of the care they provide. The practice is focused on the health and wellbeing of the patients, and dedicated to helping them achieve optimal oral health and a beautiful smile through exceptional dental care.

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