In spite of all the expensive jewellery and dresses, the best thing you can wear on your wedding day is your smile. Your wedding photos should show your happiness for a lifetime, and a Cosmetic dentistry makeover is just the option that you might be looking for. Few years from now your wedding smiles will be a striking memory for you and your partner. The most important way for you to remember it all will be your cherished photos and video recordings. Make sure Your Smile and Your Partner's Smile are both radiant on wedding day.

Cosmetic Dentistry ... Perfect Wedding Smile MakeOvers

While making arrangements for flowers, invitations etc., schedule a dental appointment too! You can both say "I do" with the beautiful smiles you've always wanted. Schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultations now so you'll have time to make all the changes you want before the wedding. Your wedding photos will capture the day you'll remember for a lifetime. Give yourself the smile you've always wanted.
This is your day. Remember to put a smile makeover on your to-do list.

We offer a tailored wedding smile makeover service where we can make you look your best for your special day. From a few cosmetic fillings and a teeth whitening treatment to a full dental makeover using dental implants, cosmetic veneers and crowns we can cater to your every needs.

How can a Smile makeover improve my smile?

A wedding smile makeover is designed to correct a number of different dental issues. Improper spacing, uneven teeth, cracked teeth, and tooth discoloration can all be fixed with a wedding smile makeover. Virtually any issue that prevents you from being fully confident in your smile, even an overbite or under-bite can be repaired with a wedding makeover. The state of the art cosmetic dentistry procedures used here at Lane Ends Dental Practice will give you a smile that you can be proud of on your wedding day.

What treatments are involved in a smile makeover?

Each wedding smile makeover is different, and personalized to your exact needs. Common treatments that may be involved are Invisalign, dental implants, veneers, Lumineers, and non-invasive tooth bonding techniques. To begin your wedding smile makeover, our caring and knowledgeable cosmetic dentists will meet with you to determine what procedures will be needed to give you the smile you envision. An impression of your teeth will be made and altered to show you in 3D ,how your smile will look before and after the smile makeover.

When should you plan your makeover?

Your cosmetic dental makeover should be scheduled well in advance of your wedding to ensure that you will be comfortable and happy on your wedding day. While treatments such as whitening and bonding can be done a week prior to your wedding, procedures to correct disproportionate teeth and improper spacing should be carried out well beforehand.

Book your cosmetic consultation by calling 01772 - 726932 as soon as possible, so we can develop a plan that will give you the ideal perfection for your wedding day.

At our Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, we make it simple to achieve a Smile makeover with just three easy steps:


  • Discuss dental concerns, goals and desires over coffee or tea
  • Take photos of current smile and evaluate
  • Show examples and proven outcomes of previous clients who had similar concerns, goals and desires
  • Treatment options clearly discussed, including costs