What Type OF Denture Do You Need?


Immediate Denture

Immediate dentures are measured for size with the natural teeth intact, and they are placed the same day as your remaining teeth are extracted. With this type of  denture, you skip the try-in stages that accompany the fitting of other models. Because gums and bone tend to shrink after extraction, these type of dentures will eventually become loose.

However , an additional relining can be placed to make the teeth fit better. This means that the replacement time for immediate replacement is much shorter than the conventional models. as these type of dentures function as dressing or healing cover over the extraction sites while everything is healing and remodeling. while everything is healing , the wear of the upper denture teeth combined with lack of proper lip support can make you look older , hence the need for a new denture to provide increased lip support for creating a more youthful smile line.

Conventional Denture

Fitting conventional dentures typically require four to six surgery visits, as all of the teeth have already been removed and the tissues have healed. During these visits, you will be able to evaluate the fit and look of the new teeth. Your dentist will advise you on colour, tooth type , and lip position and support. Keep in mind that if the color is too while , the new teeth will look false and artificial.


Different denture types


Individualised Custom Dentures

Custom-made natural looking dentures have specially shaded teeth and gums and other individualised characteristics, such as  tooth coloured fillings that are slightly stained and discoloured , that duplicate the original teeth. Because of this, they are the most aesthetic type of  false teeth.

Dentures don’t last forever, as they fracture and chip more easily than natural teeth, you may want to have a spare set , particularly if you travel a lot. It’s worth the extra cost to have teeth when you need a repair. Also remember that if the teeth are made of acrylic, which most of them are, they may show wear within 3-6 years. and if you grind your teeth, you can expect to show denture tooth wear in half that time.